Spenger’s and 4th Street Retail20201119162019

Spenger’s and 4th Street Retail

Located in a trendy shopping district of Berkeley, CA, the 4th Street Shops as they are now called was another project that greatly benefited from Hoh...
Station 1300 Shoring20201007201747

Station 1300 Shoring

Hohbach LewinOctober 7, 2020, , , 0 comments
To accomplish excavating the 450,000 Cubic Yards of dirt, temporary shoring was required to stabilize neighboring structures, parking lots, Caltrain t...
CityLine Sunnyvale AMC and Whole Foods20201007200728

CityLine Sunnyvale AMC and Whole Foods

Hohbach LewinOctober 7, 2020, 0 comments
Included in this multiuse 36 acre development is a new two story retail facility and associated renovated parking structure which Hohbach-Lewin provid...
Stevens Creek Volkswagon20201007200047

Stevens Creek Volkswagon

Hohbach LewinOctober 7, 2020, 0 comments
In conjunction with the contractors, Hohbach-Lewin was able to develop a structural system that met the owner’s aggressive construction schedule....
Peter Pan BMW Service Center20201007195743

Peter Pan BMW Service Center

Hohbach LewinOctober 7, 2020, 0 comments
The existing warehouse structure was expanded to add the services a bay, Display Center and a drive-in drop off area....
Brokaw Plaza Shopping Center20200609183805

Brokaw Plaza Shopping Center

Hohbach LewinJune 9, 2020, 0 comments
The former site was a semiconductor facility, that had contaminated soils. Hohbach-Lewin work with the environmental engineer, Dollinger Properties an...
Safeway Expansion and Renovation20200508202851

Safeway Expansion and Renovation

Hohbach LewinMay 8, 2020, 0 comments
The entire project team utilized 3-D modeling software, REVIT, to produce working drawings for this extensive renovation project. The project scope in...


Hohbach-Lewin provided structural design services for this new Von’s store in Long Beach, CA. In addition to this store, Hohbach-Lewin also has provid...
The Plant20200507202521

The Plant

Hohbach LewinMay 7, 2020, 0 comments
This new 600,000 square foot 26 building complex in San Jose includes a new Target and Home Depot. Working closely with the developer, Westrust, and t...
Pacific Commons Regional Retail Center20200507202504

Pacific Commons Regional Retail Center

Hohbach LewinMay 7, 2020, 0 comments
Hohbach-Lewin completed the design for this new 400,000 square foot “super fast-track” retail center in under three months from preliminary concept to...