Station 1300 Shoring20201007201747

Station 1300 Shoring

Hohbach LewinOctober 7, 2020, , , 0 comments
To accomplish excavating the 450,000 Cubic Yards of dirt, temporary shoring was required to stabilize neighboring structures, parking lots, Caltrain t...
Bramhall Park20200609181517

Bramhall Park

Hohbach LewinJune 9, 2020, 0 comments
Hohbach-Lewin provided the structural and civil engineering design on a new public concession-restroom-storage building of concrete masonry constructi...
Milpitas Sport Center Pool Improvements20200609180851

Milpitas Sport Center Pool Improvements

We designed a drainage system which was invisible, it actually just looks like an expansion joint in the flatwork. ...
EWEB Roosevelt Operations Center20200509181125

EWEB Roosevelt Operations Center

Hohbach LewinMay 9, 2020, , 0 comments
Hohbach-Lewin is providing Structural Design and Construction Support Services for the Eugene Water and Electric Board’s new Operations Center in West...
Eugene Airport20200507203712

Eugene Airport

Hohbach LewinMay 7, 2020, 0 comments
The renovation project, completed in February 2017, was focused on easing congestion and improving functionality for passengers. ...
McCandless Roadway Improvements20200507203253

McCandless Roadway Improvements

McCandless Roadway improvements included new alignment of the roadway to accommodate a new right turn lane for the school and Park parking lots, drop ...
Berryessa Youth Center20200507200340

Berryessa Youth Center

This 20,000 square foot facility includes a 1,200 seat gymnasium, three classroom size activity rooms, conference rooms and Administrative Offices....