Montrose West and East Apartments20201106185544

Montrose West and East Apartments

Hohbach LewinNovember 6, 2020, , 0 comments
Perched along the busy El Camino Real thoroughfare, the Montrose West and East Apartments were another successful integrated design project in which H...
Station 1300 Shoring20201007201747

Station 1300 Shoring

Hohbach LewinOctober 7, 2020, , , 0 comments
To accomplish excavating the 450,000 Cubic Yards of dirt, temporary shoring was required to stabilize neighboring structures, parking lots, Caltrain t...
Kaspick Wine Cellar20200507203428

Kaspick Wine Cellar

For this backyard wine cellar and entertainment space, Hohbach-Lewin supported the Hayes Group with Excavation Shoring, Structural and Civil Engineeri...