Hohbach-Lewin, Inc. offers its clients a broad range of protective design, physical security, and risk mitigation consulting services. Whether due to accidental events or malicious attack, today’s safety and security risks are always evolving, and so do we. Hohbach-Lewin protects people and property from today’s and tomorrow’s extreme hazards through expert engineering design and assessment.

Hohbach-Lewin prides itself in its ability to apply the right tool for the job at hand. We operate at the nexus of practical engineering design and cutting-edge analytical technologies. Whether it be reduced order empirical, data driven models or sophisticated nonlinear dynamic methods, Hohbach-Lewin strategically utilizes a portfolio of commercially available software and proprietary in-house tools to confront even the most challenging design problems.

Hohbach-Lewin’s engineers have successfully delivered a wide range of protective services for government and private entities, including DoD, DoE, GSA, VA, PANYNJ, as well as private high-rise development, laboratory, and manufacturing facilities. We possess extensive experience and expertise in the following services:

  • Explosive Effects Evaluation
  • Structural Protective Design for Blast, Impact, and other Extreme Hazards
  • Perimeter Protection & Vehicle Barrier Design
  • Anti-Terrorism Force Protection
  • Physical Security
  • Explosive Safety Munitions & Hazardous Material Storage
  • Blast-Resistant Window & Door Design
  • Ballistic Hazards
  • Fragmentation Hazard Effects
  • Threat, Vulnerability, and Risk Assessments of Critical Facilities & Infrastructure
  • Survivability & Lethality Assessments
  • Damage Prediction Studies
  • Resilience Studies
  • Uncertainty Quantification
  • Optimization and Data-Driven Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Protective Design concerns and mitigation recommendations are most effective when the solution is holistic in its origins. This is why, we at Hohbach-Lewin offer a multi-disciplinary, integrated design approach which combines our structural engineering and civil engineering site development expertise with protectives design and physical security design. This multi-discipline design approach provides our clients with solutions that optimizes cost and performance.

Hohbach-Lewin understands the vital importance of absolute information integrity. Key Hohbach-Lewin employees possess the necessary clearances and always maintain the strictest confidentiality and discretion when handling sensitive and/or mission critical information. Conformance with federal regulations and our use of industry best-practices keep sensitive data securely out of the wrong hands.

Protective Services
Protective Services

The Hohbach-Lewin Protective Services Team is Led by Kyle Haas, S. E.

kyle-haasKyle J. Haas, S.E., received his B.S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering from U.C. Berkeley and his M.S. in Civil Engineering. Structural Engineering, and Mechanics of Materials from U. C. Davis. Since graduating, Kyle’s has provided Seismic evaluation and retrofit designs and Protective ATFP consulting services to both private and governmental agencies including the U.S Navy, the US Air Force, the U.S. State Department and directly to the Department of Defense.

Mr. Haas is a recognized expert in the industry and has authored papers and lectured at the ASCE Structures congress and the 18th International Symposium for the Interaction of Munitions with structures on multiple blast resistant design topics including the efficacy and reliability of data-driven and physics-based simulation modeling and variability-based resilient design methods for structures under undefined uncertainties.


M.S. Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering and Mechanics of Materials, UC Davis

B.S. Civil & Environmental Engineering, UC Berkeley


  • CA P.E. #81382
  • CA S.E. #6494
  • Physical Security Professional (PSP) In Progress


  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Society of American Military Engineers
  • Committee Member with SEI-ASCE Technical Council on Life-Cycle Performance, Safety, Reliability and Risk of Structural Systems

PROJECTS (Prior to Joining Hohbach-Lewin):

  • Newark Liberty International Airport Terminal One Redevelopment
    • Physical security, structural blast hardening, progressive collapse, and vehicle ramming design for new $1.4B world-class airport terminal
  • High Explosives Science & Engineering Facility, Pantex Plant, TX
    • Structural protective design for critical HE laboratory for Department of Energy facility
  • Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, Independence, MO
    • New production facility for next-generation rifle and ammunition for U.S. Army
    • Explosive safety and ATFP planning to facilitate safe manufacturing operations
  • Spaceflight Launch Vehicle Component Test Cell (Confidential), CA
    • Predictive modelling of test cell structural performance due to testing failures through machine learning classification
  • West Block Rehabilitation Project, Ottawa, Canada
    • $863M renovation of existing historic limestone building for Canadian parliament chambers
  • New 800-ft Tower (Confidential) at new Transbay Terminal, San Francisco, CA
    • Progressive collapse mitigation & structural blast hardening
  • Arthur J. Altmeyer Building Modernization, Woodlawn, MD
    • Seismic, blast, vehicle impact, & progressive collapse design of existing 12-story building
  • Pacific Rim Region 9 Seismic Evaluations, West Coast, USA
    • Performance-based seismic evaluations of Region 9 federal buildings, including 17-story towers at the Ronald V. Dellums building in Oakland, CA
  • Confidential DoD Operations Facility, Camp Humphreys, South Korea
    • ATFP protective design of critical operations facility, with multiple SCIF spaces, to withstand a host of potential terrorist attacks for USACE Far East District.
  • PAF 180300 APR Earth Covered Magazines, RAAF Tindal, Australia
    • Blast design of new 7-Bar Earth Covered Magazine for joint US/Australian DoD Operations.
  • F-35 Maintenance Hangar, Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, NV
    • ATFP consulting for new 65,000-sf hangar and administrative spaces for the F35A Program
  • Combined Test Force Compound, Edwards Air Force Base, CA
    • ATFP design for total of 274,800-sf of hangar space.


  • Variability Based Method for Balancing Structural Optimization and Reliability, IABMAS 2020
  • Limiting Machine Learning Overfitting Uncertainties Through Persistent Homology, ASME 2020 V&V Symposium
  • Variability-Based Resilient Design Method for Structures under Undefined Uncertainties, ASCE Structures Congress 2020
  • Combining Effects of Air-Blast, Fragments, and Fire, 18th International Symposium for the Interaction of Munitions with Structures
  • Prediction of Structural Reliability Through an Alternative Variability-Based Methodology, ASME 2019 V&V Symposium
  • A Review of Analysis Methods for Falling Debris Resulting from Structural Collapse, ASCE Structures Congress 2018
  • Efficacy and Reliability of Data-Driven and Physics-Based Simulation Models, ASCE Structures Congress 2020


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