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  • Hohbach-Lewin Solar Walkway Canopy

  • Hohbach-Lewin Solar Walkway Canopy

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Solarized Canopy

Hohbach-Lewin, Inc. has developed a modular, “solarized” walkway canopy that has been pre-approved by the division of the state architect.

The canopy may be installed with or without the solar panels and has been designed with the following features in mind:

Flexibility: modular canopies may be “strung” together linearly indefinitely and/or may make any permutation of path of travel virtually without limit; canopies may also be configured as to create gable roofs, a 60 degree range of roof pitches may be specified.

Aesthetics: not your grandfather’s modular solar canopy – single offset column design allows for creation of canopy configurations that do not rely on a forest of columns.

Portability: the canopies rely on no field welding – bolted configuration allows for the easy re-location and re-use of canopies as the needs may arise.

Affordability: canopy structure design has been optimized to provide the most economical solution every time – alternate foundations designs are provided for varying site conditions.

Plan Details

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