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Recycled Wood

Recycled vs. Reclaimed Wood

Recycled Wood: Wood removed from a “waste-stream” that usually is re-processed and may be re-manufactured.

Reclaimed Wood: Wood recovered from buildings; not part of a “waste-stream”. Often re-milled before being re-used.

Recycled Wood Sources in the Bay Area

Black’s Farmwood, San Rafel


  • Reclaimed/recycled wood products milled to specifications
  • Beams & timbers — hand hewn beams and timbers (reclaimed beams, posts, and timbers from barns and historic structures)
  • Mantle beams
  • Rough sawn timber (reclaimed old-growth Douglas Fir and Redwood)
  • Structural uses: ceiling beams and trusses (large dimensions and lengths available)

Green Waste Recycle Yard, Berkeley


  • Recycled wood products milled from discarded local trees
  • Structural lumber: Monterey Pine, Douglas Fir (not as common), up to 12″x12″x24′
  • Structurally graded after size specified

North Cal Wood Products, Ukiah


  • Recycled Redwood (24″x36″x60′)
  • Recycled Cedar (24″x36″x60′)
  • Recycled Douglas Fir (12″x24″x30′)
  • Structurally graded/branded

Reclaimed Wood Sources in the Bay Area

The Lumber Baron, Albany


  • Reclaimed wood — small dimensions (ie. 1″x10″, 2″x4″)
  • Reclaimed Douglas Fir and Cedar — siding, flooring
  • Recycled Red Wood — any dimension (largest: 10″x18″x26′)

The Reuse People, Oakland


  • Reclaimed wood products from torn down job sites (variety of sizes of structural lumber — NO Redwood)

Old Growth Timbers, Petrolia


  • Reclaimed softwood lumber (not grade stamped) — Redwood, Red Cedar, Douglas Fir
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