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Carbon Footprint Analysis

Beyond LEED…

Specialized industry interests often make confusing, conflicting and self-serving claims regarding the degree of “greenness” associated with their particular building material.

During the early design phases of any building design project, decisions regarding the building’s structural system and fundamental building type are made that for better or worse, irrevocably establish a building’s carbon footprint.

At Hohbach-Lewin, we believe the USGBC LEED point rating system places an inordinately small emphasis on these critical decisions. To address this deficiency, Hohbach-Lewin, Inc. offer clients who are truly interested in knowing their project’s long term impact on the environment Life Cycle Carbon Footprint Analyses.

During the schematic design phase, different structural design options under consideration are studied utilizing proprietary software, ATHENA Impact Estimator for Buildings. This analysis provides cradle to gate carbon footprint estimates for a given structural building material, structural system and building site.

The carbon footprints are then monetized based on EPA established carbon credits so that the necessary trade-offs and long term costs can be readily assessed.

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