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Bill Daley, S.E., Senior Associate

Bill DaleyBill Daley
(650) 617.5930 x230

Mr. Daley has over 22 years of structural engineering experience, including new corporate office buildings, research and development buildings, historic renovation, tenant improvements, and structural/seismic upgrading of existing facilities and residences. In addition his 5 years of general contracting experience gives him a unique perspective on the impacts of structural engineering on the larger design and construction process. Bill is a graduate of Santa Clara University and Stanford University with a Master’s degree.

Mike Davies, S.E., Senior Associate

Mike DaviesMike Davies
(415) 318.8520 x303

Mike Davies, S.E., received his B.S. in Civil Engineering from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo. Mr. Davies brings over 25 years of experience earned while working for the prominent firm of H. J. Brunnier Associates. His career has encompassed a wide range of project types including industrial, commercial, schools, hospitals, seismic retrofits, equipment anchorage, peer review and construction administration.

Stuart Lowe, S.E., Senior Associate

Stuart LoweStuart Lowe
(415) 318.8520 x310

Mr. Lowe has over 12 years of experience in structural engineering in a wide variety of project types including: retail centers, public educational facilities and custom homes. He has significant expertise in the structural design of large scale retail centers and the seismic evaluation and modernization of public schools. Mr. Lowe holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a Master of Science degree from San Jose State University.

Victoria Rundorff, S.E., Senior Associate

Vicky RundorffVictoria Rundorff
(650) 617.5930 x234

Victoria Rundorff, S.E., received a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Minnesota and her Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering at Stanford University. She joined Hohbach-Lewin in 1999 with 22 years of professional experience participating in and leading the structural engineering services for new buildings and the structural/seismic upgrading of existing facilities.

Gregory K. Rodrigues, S.E., Senior Associate

Greg RodriguesGregory Rodrigues
(650) 617.5930 x257

Greg Rodrigues, S.E., received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Santa Clara and his Masters in Structural Engineering from UC Berkeley. He joined the Hohbach-Lewin team in 2001 and brings 36 years of structural engineering experience with both private and governmental agencies. Past project experience includes investigation and seismic studies evaluation of existing structures, the design and construction of numerous public schools, office buildings, postal facilities, multi-story residential complexes, retail commercial buildings, parking garages, library facilities, industrial buildings, hospital & medical facilities and major theme park ride attractions.

Eddie Hui, S.E., Senior Associate

Eddie HuiEddie Hui
(415) 318.8520 x307

Eddie Hui, S.E. joined Hohbach-Lewin in 1999. Eddie has more than 15 years of professional experience, which includes a diverse range of public sector and commercial projects. Mr. Hui received his degree from University of California Berkeley in 1991.

Michael Resch, S.E., Senior Associate

Michael ReschMichael Resch
(650) 617.5930 x225

Michael Resch, S.E., received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Santa Clara University. With over 12 years structural engineering experience, Mr. Resch has had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects including schools, offices, retail spaces, and custom residential home projects. In addition, Mr. Resch has significant experience in the seismic evaluation and rehabilitation of a variety of existing structures.

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