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Seismic Studies

Phelan Building, San Francisco, CA

Phelan Building, San Francisco, CAHohbach-Lewin, Inc. performed a non-linear performance based analysis of this historic 1908 San Francisco landmark structure. The building’s original construction commenced almost immediately after the 1906 earthquake. The triangular floor plans mimic the bordering intersection of Market and Geary streets. Due to the lack of available documentation, an extensive non-destructive and limited destructive forensic study directed by Hohbach-Lewin, Inc. was conducted. Analysis was conducted in accordance with provisions contained in ASCE 41.

Glendale City Center, Glendale, CA

Glendale City Center, Glendale, CAHohbach-Lewin has prepared structural evaluations for dozens of mid and high rise office buildings located in areas of high seismicity on the west coast. Studies usually require PML/SEL evaluations, seismic lateral force resisting system review analysis and assessment with accompanying seismic retrofit recommendations as appropriate. A dynamic analysis was performed on this structure in order to accurately model the structure’s expected performance when exposed to a suite of ground motions resulting from activity on multiple known faults with varying proximity to the building site.

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