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  • Lexus Serramonte, Colma, CA

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Lexus Serramonte, Colma, CA

Using a design-build delivery platform, Hohbach-Lewin worked closely with Hohbach-Lewin and Avanessian Associates to build this massive structure in less than nine months. In order to minimize the number of interior columns, a pre-cast system consisting of double tees, planks, girders and columns (pre-cast concrete components supplied by Hanson Structural Precast) was employed for the gravity system. Besides the usual advantages of increased in-plant quality control and savings in construction time, this system allowed for spans of over 70 feet.

The four-story interior tilt-up concrete shear wall was the largest concrete tilt-up panel ever constructed in the greater Bay Area. Using sophisticated, performance based design techniques and innovative detailing for the design of the concrete panel hold downs which borrowed a page from the steel industry’s playbook, Hohbach-Lewin developed a “fuse” at the interlinking connections between the panel and the foundations. This unique design provided a controlled yielding point which allowed justification for avoiding expensive prescriptive over-design components of the building’s lateral force resisting system.

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