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Mission and Vision


Hohbach-Lewin, Inc. exists for the purpose of providing a business structure which allows its shareholders and professional staff the opportunity to provide superior engineering services to their clientele which they can be proud of and to fashion professional careers in the field of engineering which provides them an opportunity to work towards on-going professional career growth and firm ownership.

In order to accomplish these goals, firm members must be:

  • allowed and encouraged to practice engineering on a diverse array of assignments at a high level of competence and sophistication with support from professional colleagues. A spirit of internal collaborative cooperation and support is seen as a cornerstone value.
  • able to practice engineering in a supportive environment where resources are equitably shared and profitability and professional satisfaction is balanced with the scales tilted in favor of professionalism,
  • provided base compensation, which when considered in balance with other aspects of the firm, is competitive or superior to base salaries available as employees of competing engineering firms,
  • monetarily rewarded beyond their base salaries in proportion to their contribution to the firm’s profitability as well as its economic and professional vitality via a clearly defined and largely quantifiable profit sharing structure.

Hohbach-Lewin recognizes that in order to accomplish the above it must:

  • Listen to the client at the onset of any project to determine how best to help them achieve their goals.
  • Seek to work with clients who value and recognize the benefits that thoughtful and professionally delivered engineering can bring to their projects.
  • build a strong cadre of support staff at various levels of their professional development who are dedicated to achieving a high level of competence and professionalism within the field of engineering. It is taken as a given that professionals who are inclined towards that achievement will, in due time, seek control of their careers and deserve to participate in the Ownership of their work and the profits which emanate from that work. As such, in order to attract, develop, and retain the desired staff, Ownership at Hohbach-Lewin must ultimately be diversely held. A clear path for achieving that Ownership must be defined and executed as individuals grow in their careers,
  • participate in a broad spectrum of engineering consulting markets with a premium on engagements which are not perceived as and/or are not in actuality commodity type services which can be provided by others who are not interested or motivated to practice at a high level of professionalism,
  • develop a broad client base consisting of firms and individuals who place a premium on quality and are successful in servicing their clients’ needs. In order to develop this client base, it is necessary to contribute to the success of the clients’ projects by providing excellent and timely service.


Hohbach-Lewin will continue to operate in a manner which, consistent with the central tenet of its Mission Statement, places a high priority on professional career growth of its shareholders and staff. This priority is balanced with the simultaneous priority of being a firm that provides all staff members, from top to bottom, opportunities for achieving a healthy work/life balance. The firm seeks to become a place where firm members share this value and consistently support each other in their individual efforts finding and achieving this balance.

We seek to continue to develop a reputation for possessing a wide breadth of expertise and providing consistently reliable and timely solutions that are based on state of the art engineering techniques and practices.

Through the process of implementing its Mission Statement, Hohbach-Lewin will continue to provide career growth opportunities for its shareholders and staff. Hohbach-Lewin is expected to continue to grow in size and range of markets that it serves as the shareholders and staff gain expertise and recognition in current and future market sectors.

Hohbach-Lewin, Inc. intends to continue to challenge the traditional business structure of engineering practices in California which typically have unfairly rewarded founders at the expense of employees with a business structure which more equitably and sensibly shares firm profits. It is hoped that Hohbach-Lewin’s success and its resulting competitive recruiting advantage will, for the overall good of the profession, create an industry wide trend.

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