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Hohbach-Lewin Takes Its Integrated Design Approach
to a Whole New Level (i.e. the Basement Waterproofing!)

Hohbach-Lewin, Inc. provided integrated structural, shoring and waterproofing design to Custom Dreams Construction Group for the addition of a new underground automobile showroom for a private residence in Los Altos Hills.

The new underground garage showroom was constructed under an existing single story, two car garage. Cars enter the basement via driving into the garage onto the lower level of one of the side by side hydraulic double decker access lifts; the top deck of the double deck access lift becomes the at grade garage floor when the car is loaded down to the basement level.

The design demanded consideration of sequential construction, which carefully accounted for constructability concerns and constraints. New cast-in-place drilled piers and new permanent soil-nail wall supporting the existing structure were installed as excavation proceeded.

Due to the high value of the storage contents (rare, collectible, sports cars), moisture intrusion in the new basement was of prime concern to the Owner. Hohbach-Lewin with Renaissance Stone Care and Waterproofing designed a redundant dual-waterproofing system to be applied between the temporary shoring wall and the permanent shotcrete basement retaining walls. The system consists of the following components:

1. A Mira-Drain board behind the temporary shotcrete shoring wall to collect any ground water.
2. One-layer of Voltex waterproofing (a bentonite product) to be applied to the face of the temporary shotcrete wall.
3. One-layer of Pre-Prufe 160R to be applied over the layer of Voltex.

The waterproofing system at the mat foundation was accomplished by using Pre-Prufe 300R and lapping that with the Pre-Prufe 160R at the wall to create a waterproofed "tub".

Per Hohbach-Lewin Senior Associate, Bryan Cortnik, SE and Project Engineer: "Putting together the design for this project very much felt like putting together a very complicated jig saw puzzle - we had to work closely with the Contractor to create a step by step solution. An intimate understanding of the structural details (particularly the permanent soil nail bearing plates which protrude across the waterproofing plane) is key in devising successful waterproofing schemes. We believe that our integrated design approach was the only way to go for a job with this level of complexity."

Arrillaga Donates Stanford Recreation Center
and Menlo Park Family Gymnastics Center

Building and donating new athletic facilities appears to be the late in life hobby of Silicon Valley developer John Arrillaga. Hohbach-Lewin has assisted him and contractor Vance Brown in this endeavor for new facilities for the City of Menlo Park and Stanford University. The Menlo Park Arrillaga Family Gymnastics Center, by Jeremiah Tolbert, architect, now serves hundreds of aspiring gymnastics weekly (link to Country Almanac article) while the currently under construction Stanford West Recreation Center, designed by Hoover Associates, will incorporate basketball courts, a weight room, a climbing wall and a pool.

Hohbach-Lewin Associate Principal Kevin Morton, S.E.
Hanging Out With President Obama and President Hohbach

Pictured with Ashraf (at center) are Hohbach-Lewin staff members,
Doug Hohbach (SEAOC President), Kevin Morton, Simran Tiwana and Bryan Cortnik

Notably colorful software CEO Ashraf Habibullah, of Computers and Structures Inc., threw a party at the SEAOC (Structural Engineer's Association of California) convention, held this year in Santa Fe, New Mexico, celebrating the Association's 80th anniversary.

On another celebratory note, Hohbach-Lewin Associate Principal Kevin Morton flew to Washington D.C. to congratulate President Obama (far right) on his recent re-election. He is pictured with Barack, Michelle and his brother Joseph Morton, a member of the White House Press Corps.

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