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Willow Glen Town Center Opens... Pass the Pizza!

When PAJA Investments LLC's Alex Beyer [San Jose Business Journal] learned that removing the very successful and locally popular Willow Street Pizzeria to make way for development of the Willow Glen Town Square project at the corner of Lincoln and Willow Avenue was going to be much easier said than done, he looked to his crack design build construction team [W.L. Butler, Khan Design, and Hohbach-Lewin, Inc.] to find a creative way to develop the semi-urban infill site above and around the pizzeria with minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

The solution: long span pre-cast concrete double tees spanning over the pizzeria. The project consisted of parking on grade covering nearly the entire city block with two stories of mixed use Class A offices and retail spaces above. Pre-stressed pre-cast cast was provided by Clark Pacific out of Sacramento, CA . The project achieved a LEED silver certification.

Hohbach-Lewin has been the designer of record on approximately twelve different new parking garage facilities this year using either pre-cast double tees or concrete post tensioned podium slabs. Pre-cast was used on approximately a third of the applications. When does it make sense to use a pre-cast option for a garage? Per Sam Shiotani, SE - Hohbach-Lewin Senior Associate and Project Manager for the Willow Glen Town Center project, "When the speed of construction is critical and when overall building height restrictions are not an issue, pre-cast definitely can be the way to go. Pre-cast works best if the garage's geometry is fairly regular and we are able to take advantage of the long spans pre-cast offers... and also when you need to build your structure over an existing pizzeria! Given the right circumstances, the overall cost of pre-cast can be the economical solution, sometimes by as much as 20 percent."

The town square project adds 15,000 square feet of retail space, 22,450 square feet of office space and 161 parking spaces to the Willow Glen neighborhood.

Vikki Bourcier, S.E. Becomes Hohbach-Lewin's Fifth Principal

It doesn't happen often, so of course, it is a very big deal around here when one of our employees attains this milestone. To mark the occasion, the entire office joined Vikki and her husband Paul in a dinner at Donato's restaurant in downtown Redwood City. The firm now has five principals. Since joining the firm in 1998, Vikki has distinguished herself not only a leader in the firm but also as one of the pre-eminent Structural Engineers in central Oregon. Vikki opened Hohbach-Lewin's Eugene office in 2001 and has run that office ever since. Vikki has played a central role in many of the prominent public and private local projects including the following: Eugene's Downtown Fire Station No.1, the $54M Roosevelt Operations Campus for Eugene Water & Electric Board in West Eugene, Bertha Holt and Cesar Chavez Elementary Schools, the Crescent Village Complex, the Slocum Center for Orthopedics, the Donald Lamb Building (and numerous other housing project for SVdP of Lane County), Inn at the 5th at the historic 5th Street Market and expansions, and renovations at both the University of Oregon and at Oregon State University. This is only a small sample of the Eugene office's successful projects and the list will no doubt grow in the coming years as Hohbach-Lewin's Eugene office continues to thrive.

When asked about what Vikki has found most gratifying building and running the Eugene office, Vikki responds: "I have enjoyed so much getting to know and working with the building and design community here in Eugene... I believe the amount of talent here locally is as good as it gets. I'm not sure if this can be attributed to the renowned U of O School of Architecture or just the unique brand of people who are drawn to live, work and create in central Oregon. I feel very fortunate to have been a part of it... I couldn't ask for more (except perhaps for the Ducks to regain their mastery over Stanford - so much more fun to talk about those games with the main Palo Alto office in the recent years than this year!)"

What makes the holidays special? Traditions, old and new. When we assisted with the renovation of the Second Harvest Food Bank's Cypress facility at 4001 N. First Street in San Jose earlier this year, we didn't know it would lead us to start our own new holiday tradition. But after learning about the wonderful work this non-profit does throughout the Bay Area we became inspired! So, in keeping with the spirit of the season, Hohbach-Lewin, Inc., is starting a new tradition of our own. We are sponsoring a food drive through the Second Harvest Food Bank. If we reach our goals of $2,500 in contributions by January 20th 2013, EMI corporation will provide dollar for dollar matching contributions. Additionally, Hohbach-Lewin will be matching all our employees' contributions until we meet our goal! $1.00 worth of contributions equals two meals... meals for others who would otherwise go hungry this holiday season. If you would also like to help, log on to the second harvest website www.shfb.org and follow the prompts... Remember to list Hohbach-Lewin as the sponsorship organization!

Our other beloved holiday tradition:
We are closing our offices between Christmas Eve and New Year's Day.
We'll be back at it on January 2nd, 2013.

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