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Wilcox High School Wilcox High School

Faced with a seemingly impossible schedule, Santa Clara USD asked its construction manager, Swinerton Construction, and its architectural design team (bfgc-ibi group) and their consultants to see if they could find a way to make it work. Hohbach-Lewin proposed the idea of retaining Hohbach-Lewin to produce the steel shop drawings simultaneously with the production of the design drawings. The district accepted - steel fabrication drawings began in earnest at the conclusion of the 50% construction document phase - at that point, the structural steel sizes and configuration were locked in. Industry standard steel detailing software, TEKLA, was utilized to convert Hohbach-Lewin computerized structural steel analysis and design (RAM) models to produce steel fabrication drawings.

Having the designer, in this case, Hohbach-Lewin Associate, Mike Deigert, S.E. so intimately involved with the steel shop drawing production eliminated any possibility of misinterpretation of the engineer's intent. As soon as Hohbach-Lewin received DSA review comments and determined none of the comments affected the structural steel, steel fabrication drawings already approved by the structural engineer were ready for bid and were, in fact included in the bid documents. The successful steel bidder, SOS Steel, Santa Clara placed the steel orders within days of receiving the notice of intent to proceed.

The result: all steel erected in ten days, six to eight weeks shaved from the steel procurement schedule, zero RFI's and zero change orders related to the primary structural steel!

None of this would have been possible without the willingness of the district to allow bfgc-ibi group and its consultants to take full advantage of the available technology. Credit has to also go to Swinerton Construction Management for proactively challenging the design team to find a way to deliver this 45,000 SF, three story, public school project from conception to finish in under 24 months.

Hohbach-Lewin Goes Hollywood...

How does one go about hanging a 70 foot tall theater marquee off the side of a building directly over an entrance canopy? With very careful engineering and lots of advance planning.

Hohbach-Lewin worked collaboratively with Summit Steel Works (Mountain View, CA) to develop a design-build solution for Cupertino's Vallco Shopping Center's new theater complex that allowed this 30 ton steel framework to hang off the side of an existing building.

Working closely with the steel fabricator, Hohbach-Lewin's design solution allowed for the sign to be erected in three large segments; this virtually eliminated the need for expensive and time consuming field welded connections, allowing the framework and sign to be built ahead of schedule.

Keys to the project's eventual success was the close collaboration between Peter Kockelman of Summit Steel Works and Dan Lewin, S.E. and Sarah Hyland, P.E. of Hohbach-Lewin. "You won't see Hohbach-Lewin's name in lights but it's too bad!" effused Peter Kockelman of Summit Steel Works. "I think both Dan and Sarah deserve Academy Awards for best supporting engineers... we spent a few sessions early on in their Palo Alto office batting ideas back and forth until we hit on the best way to build this thing - it came together like a dream!"

Dan's response: "If I actually did get a chance to give a speech, when accepting my award, I would of course thank my mother, my father (and all the little people along the way who helped make me a star) but also would have to give a very large amount of credit to Peter and Summit Steel Works. It was a real pleasure working with Peter on this - he brought an enormous amount of creativity and enthusiasm to the task and proved that he and Summit Steel Works were more than up to the challenge that this very complicated fast track project presented!"

The World Does Not End...
(but the big one REALLY is going to happen sometime!!!)

Bill Daley.

If you are reading this... predictions of the apocalypse did not come to pass and the world did not end on May 21st. Unless you are one of those who took the predictions too seriously, ran all your credit cards up to their absolute limit and let loose with a ranting e-mail to your boss and all your irritating family members and friends on May 20th you were probably glad to see the sunrise on May 22nd!

As structural engineers, we sometimes similarly feel like harbingers of doom. Yet, although we can't say when, we all know that a big earthquake occurring and epicentered somewhere in the Bay Area is a certainty - we can't change that fact, but we can change how prepared we all are.

To that end, Hohbach-Lewin Senior Associate Bill Daley, S.E. spent the better part of Sunday, May 1st at the Palo Alto/Stanford Citizen Corp Council Safety Faire doling out free advice on seismic retrofitting of single family homes. Throughout his career, including the last ten years or so with Hohbach-Lewin, Bill has provided the seismic retrofit design for scores of local Bay Area single family homes. "Really, the very best earthquake insurance you can ever buy is to take care of a few frequently occurring vulnerabilities common to Bay Area housing stock built prior to the point when local building departments started requiring a higher level of engineering design... somewhere around 1990... sheath the cripple walls and bolt the building to the foundations." The ABAG web site (www.ABAG.ca.gov) provides very clear prescriptive details describing this work.

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