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Contact Us

Although 75% of our work comes from repeat clientele, we are always seeking to expand our client base and build new relationships with other professionals in the design and construction industry. If you have a need for a structural or civil engineer on assignments both small and large, please do give us a call! We will be happy to discuss your project to see if Hohbach-Lewin, Inc. might be the right fit for you. After discussing the project, we can provide our relevant qualifications and/or help you define an appropriate scope of services. If it turns out we aren’t the best fit for a particular assignment or perhaps, if we collectively conclude after discussing the project, that it is the wrong time in the process to engage us for professional services, we can advise as to appropriate next steps or, if appropriate, recommend someone who might be more suited for your individual project’s needs.

Please feel free to call or e-mail any of the firm’s Principals, Sr. Associates, or Associates to discuss your project or to simply seek more information about Hohbach-Lewin.

Palo Alto (650-617-5930)

San Francisco (415-318-8520)

  • Anthony Lee, S.E., Principal — Anthony Lee — ext.308
  • Kevin Morton, S.E., Associate Principal — Kevin Morton — ext.311
  • Eddie Hui, S.E., Senior Associate — Eddie Hui — ext.307
  • Stuart Lowe, S.E., Senior Associate — Stuart Lowe — ext.310
  • Mike Davies, S.E., Associate — Mike Davies — ext.303

Eugene (541-349-1701)

  • Vikki Bourcier, S.E., Principal — Vikki Bourcier — ext.401
  • Brent Crawford, S.E. Associate—ext. 402
  • Angela Arias, Autocad/Revit Tech—ext. 400

South Pasadena (626-441-1211)

  • Les Tso, S.E., Principal – Les Tso
  • Kevin Morton, S.E., Associate Principal – Kevin Morton
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